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Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the MoriMoriTanbo Blog. I’d like to take this time to properly introduce myself. My name is Asia and I’ve been living and working in Japan for seven years. I’m originally from the USA but I decided that after seven years living in Japan and getting a husband that I might as well stick around. Plus I like the health insurance.

MoriMoriTanbo was created to show people what life is like in Japan outside of a major city. Most people when they think of Japan, think of big cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka. However, a lot of us foreigners live in smaller towns and cities like mine, Gifu City.

So maybe you are wondering what types of things I will be talking about in this blog. Well, the simple answer is….just everyday life stuff. For example:

  • How to’s (shopping, working things, where to get things etc.)
  • Special events
  • My thoughts and ideas
  • And just general everyday life stuff

If you are interested in any of those sort of things please subscribe to my blog and join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. A big thanks to all of you who supported me and to all the new people who will. See you soon! Ja’ne!